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A Verona Leather Magnetic Writing Pad is a sophisticated and functional writing surface made from quality leather. It often comes equipped with magnets to hold papers in place, making it suitable for note-taking, sketching, or jotting down important information. This combination of elegance and practicality adds a touch of professionalism to any workspace or meeting room. The magnetic feature allows you to keep documents organized while the leather surface provides a comfortable and stylish writing area. It’s a versatile and classy addition to any office or conference setting.

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This is a great Writing Pad, it’s comfortable and it gives you that smooth surface you need to draw without transferring any texture to the paper. Looks good and elegant.
Magnetic main hinge; with pen holder clip on the left side; durable and easy to clean. the recessed area to leave the pencil /Pen gives you elegant look.
These Writing pad have so many creative possibilities! Grab one for a quick brainstorming session, or for taking notes in your meeting!

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